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Scottish Landscape Photography

eYSIGHT Photography Studio
Natural History & Scottish landscape Photographer with Online Image Store
The Studio, The Farmhouse, Easter Drummond, Whitebridge, IV2 6UP
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Scottish Landscape Photography Studio

eYSIGHT Photography. A natural history and landscape photography studio with its own online image store.

eYSIGHT Photography is a small family run natural history studio run by a leading and accomplished professional landscape photographer. Specialising in the British Isles and northern Europe, eYSIGHT photography works with clients at an individual commission level, with print, media and publication markets and through its on-line image store or image library business where files are purchased from all over the world by clients who use these image personally and commercially.

Natural history subject matter
Put simply, anything to do with the natural world that is found locally. However, to be more precise eYSIGHT specialises in the photography of the Scottish Highland landscape, from Scottish Loch to Munro or Scottish hill range. The studio has a number of ongoing projects through which the image store is stocked.  One example of an on-going project - some 5 years long now  - is of capturing key Scottish Lochs in perfect reflection, not a ripple. The studio’s latest, driven by a commission by a land owner client and keen mountaineer, is  to capture the Scottish Mountains - including all Munros and the hill ranges through water  reflection where possible. Coastal work for the landscape studio is focusing upon the capture of images which demonstrate a projection of land into the sea - spits, headlands, stacks and man-made structures such as slip ways or harbours. As for Europe, we are working on a collection of the Ardennes and northern French countryside, canals and rivers through to Belgium.

When it comes to wildlife, for the last three years, eYSIGHT photography has been cataloging the movements of Red Deer, Sika Deer and now Roe throughout the Highlands. Other mammals extensively cataloged include stoat, pine marten, weasel, badger and more recently smaller rodents such as vole, water vole and mice. Images of these collections are found in the image store. As for wildlife, we are in the last stages of our ‘death mask’ series of images – portraits of raptors and owls and have an extensive selection of British garden Birds.  New, over the next 3 years will be a wading bird and water fowl series that will be published later in 2014/2015.

Working with clients
As a professional landscape photographer and image library company, we have a wide and varied customer base from those purchasing image files for home use or commercial use through to clients commissioning hotel galleries, website images, tourism, Sporting Estates to outdoor pursuits companies and gear manufacturers. Our print and publication business is in its infancy, calendars postal cards and more recently photography guides for the Highlands of Scotland are being uploaded and will be available in both print and digital formats in the future.

A natural history image library or online images store
All our images are uploaded on a weekly basis. We have over 20,000 images on our studio servers so uploading to the web is taking time!! Each image is hand finished prior to publication and is available as TIFF or JPEG. Web format JPEGs are published at 96dpi. Images are sent via Dropbox once payment has cleared. All images are displayed with their size details in pixels.


Scottish landscape photographer

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Easter Drummond Farmhouse, The Studio, Whitebridge, Inverness, Inverness-shire, IV2 6UP

Scottish Wildlife Photographer



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